1st September 2020
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Recently a lot of our enquiries have been from people who have been told that they are not in a  position to buy a property or are unable to do so without substantially increasing their deposit or paying higher interest rates. Often this information comes from when the clients have gone directly to a bank or building society however it has also come from other brokers as well.

Although it is not possible in every case, we relish the challenge and opportunity to make a difference to our clients and to prove those others wrong. In many cases, these clients, once we have taken the time to go through their situation and options, have been able to proceed. Sometimes the situation is complex and it is understandable how an error has been made elsewhere, sometimes we are baffled by the advice that others give. Either way, we assure our clients that we will do all that we can to help and find a solution for them.

The most recent example was a client who had seen another local broker. This broker had said that unless they had a 25% deposit instead of the 15% that they wanted to use, they would be unable to buy and would have to keep saving to buy the home they wanted, all whilst renting with a young family. The client called us for a second opinion, desperate not to lose the property that they had fallen in love with. We completed our research promptly and had an accepted agreement in principle by the end of the day at the original 15% deposit. The case has now gone to full offer and the clients are discussing potential completion dates.

Whether you have spoken to a bank directly or another broker, if the answer you are getting is not the one you want or even if you would be re-assured by an expert second opinion, please get in touch and we will be delighted to help you.



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